ZSNES v1.51 has been released! Download the latest version of ZSNES here!

Latest official documentation

The following documents apply to the official ZSNES v1.51 release. All official ports are covered in the same documents, with differences noted as necessary. The documentation is offered in the following formats:

Supplemental documentation

These are companion documents to the official ZSNES Documentation.

Alternate Language Documentation

While the official documentation for ZSNES is currently offered only in the English language, people have, from time to time, created unofficial guides to ZSNES in other languages. Below, we list some of the more recent efforts.

(Brazilian) Portuguese

How to get support

Please read all the documentation first. After that, if you have any questions, you can get support at the official ZSNES Message Board.


This shows Super Mario World being emulated on ZSNES. The graphical user interface is currently visible. If you were using ZSNES, you would press ESC to hide the GUI and resume the game.